There is human trafficking and child labour in the cocoa growing parts of West Africa. Programs to support cocoa farms in West Africa have done a great job in increasing crop yields. However, rather than raise the income of farmers there has been a significant drop in cocoa prices. Farmers remain in extreme poverty. Poverty is the greatest driver of human trafficking and child labour. According to a study in the region US$10.86 was needed per working day to have a living income. In another study it was estimated that Cocoa growers in Cote d’Ivoire earn US$0.91 per person per day! No-one is exactly sure but most experts say an increase of 3 times what farmers are currently paid for the cocoa would get them closer to a living income.

There Are Four Things We Are Asking You To Do

1. Send a postcard asking the big chocolate companies and the cocoa producers to uphold a living income for cocoa farmers.

2. Retailers have increased the certified chocolate products this year. Order some Thank You Cards and take them to your local store.

3. Help other chocolate consumers buy “good chocolate” and have some fun by getting points for finding “traffik-free” chocolate products.

4. Offset your annual chocolate consumption. For a cocoa farmer to get close to a living income, a 100gms of dairy milk chocolate would cost about A$0.12 more. An average Australian chocolate consumer would need to pay $60 more per year for their chocolate so a cocoa farmer can get close to earning a living income. We are asking you to donate this amount to STOP THE TRAFFK as your chocolate offset. We will use your donation to campaign with chocolate companies and chocolate producers to raise farmer’s income.

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