Know the good eggs

  The programs of Certification bodies (Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance /UTZ) and chocolate companies are all contributing to a better egg – but they are not there yet. You know these Easter products by the following certification markings – so look for them when you are buying chocolate this Easter

At the moment around 6% of the cost of a chocolate bar is returned to the farmer.  This is not enough money for a farmer and their family to have basic housing, food and health care, water and sanitation, health care and allow them to send their children to school, and for small unforeseen expenses. This is called a living income.  


For the production of our chocolate these are the steps in the supply chain. It highlights the need of more money to be paid to the farmer families. The biggest cause of slavery is poverty and a decent income to the farmer is not just about doing justice, but it helps prevent injustice. It is not the complete answer, but it is a big contributor to the answer.

Say thank you by ordering thank you cards to give to the shops and supermarkets where you find certified and program marked chocolate products