Petition Darrell Lea

Dear Mr Quinn and Mr York,

Since 2009, STOP THE TRAFFIK has been asking Darrell Lea to take steps in relation to its chocolate supply chains, to ensure child labour and human trafficking are addressed. We are disappointed that you are yet to agree to a meeting.

In particular, we ask that you take the following initial steps,

  • Publically state on your website your sustainability policy and practices which contribute to ending human trafficking and child labour in the cocoa supply chain.

  • Release a Code of Conduct requiring your suppliers of cocoa products to comply with your policy and practices and ensure they are taking real steps to enact the same policy.

We believe that the best option for small companies such as yours to achieve this is to partner with Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ and provide 'on product' labelling which consumers can identify at the point of sale.

STOP THE TRAFFIK activists preference the purchasing of chocolate from companies who are actively taking steps to end human trafficking.

Together we can STOP THE TRAFFIK,

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